Setting Goals

I wouldn’t say what I did yesterday was uncommon for me, but the idea was so abruptly conceived that there was no way of turning it down.

I opened my own little interior design business.

I have been approached a couple of times about freelance interior design. I love that. During these opportunities I kept thinking to myself how great it would be if I could get designer discount and sell back merchandise to my clients at a lower cost while still making some profit.

My thoughts were that I would open my business once I had more clients. But I challenged that thought with another: I wouldn’t get more clients if I didn’t have a business.

I can’t remember how long it took me to decide to go for it. A whole five minutes, perhaps? I started by looking up a business registration form and then I caught myself completing and paying the necessary fees to submit the application.

Erick Design

Erick Design

I decided to call it Erick Gama Design. I’ll tweak my logo in the near future but this will get my foot in wherever I need to go, I hope!

I hope the few readers I get can share insight on small business. What do you think of my logo!?


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