First Client

First of all, sorry for the bad panorama pictures of the space! but it’s kind of exciting! I had to do a small space plan project for a client fairly recently. It wasn’t too bad, only a few things switched places and some other things made sense where they were.


In the old space the bed was offset because of a small nightstand. It was a little awkward because there was this narrow space between the wall and the bed. Unusable space. There was enough walking room but it wasn’t comfortable or big enough to do some work. Paint and more decor should be coming in the near future. For now, the below is how we redesigned the room for better usage.

Since we wanted to make better use of the space and take advantage of the great drafting table for freelance work and side projects, we switched places of the drafting table and bed for this purpose. The nightstand stayed in the same place to house the client’s reference books. All of a sudden we were in need of an additional bookcase for the leisure reading books! Yes, we undiscovered extra space! We are going to add some sort of pin board for inspirational images, for sure. Also, we might do a large mural work on the right wall to add interest to the space, make it more fun, and inspirational!

What do you think of the exposed shoe rack? I think it’s pretty neat to display the client’s growing shoe collection! What do you think of the new layout? Any other suggestions would be appreciated!




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