Alien Scent

One of my favorite fragrances for women (and men who can pull this scent off) is Alien by Thierry Mugler. It has a very bright and sunny imaginary story once you smell it. I simply suggest you try it. Me describing and listing out ingredients and notes is not as fun as spraying Alien and experiencing the magic behind the fragrance.


Recently, Macy’s had a great Alien/Angel sale going on. You paid $50 for the fragrance instead of $80. They were giving away the bottle for free! This is important because with fragrances you always also pay for the packaging, especially when it’s a glass bottle.

Mugler’s fragrances are refillable! What a great and interesting concept! It definitely is a great way to bring the customer back for a refill of their favorite scent at a lower cost.

This recent event offered the small glass bottles in a great and ecological packaging! Thierry Mugler embraced corrugated cardboard and cut a niche in layered cardboard to fit the fragrance perfectly. I instantly fell in love with the design. And since I was already a fan of the scent I thought to myself: why not? I bought myself a bottle of Alien. 

I’m thinking of giving it away, however, because I don’t think I’m one of those men who can pull it off. 

Design-wise, I do think that Thierry Mugler’s fragrances are very well designed. In the concept of the story behind the fragrance, the packaging, the marketing, the names! His clothes, of course, don’t stay behind!



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