Paying Dues

Today I started what I consider my first “real” design internship. I agreed to the hour requirements and not getting paid. I think I walked in with very high design expectations and set myself for disappointment. Not that it was a bad day, no. I just did small tasks while I listened to the designers making phone calls to clients and people they are working with about their current projects. A lot of what came out of their mouths seemed like a foreign language to me! I know I have studied design but we never went so in depth about a project and the problems that could happen. But I know that comes with experience.

While I was waiting for my brother’s car to be fixed I was thinking to myself that maybe I did not want to be in the design world, simply because what I did today was not what I expected. I disappointed myself by expecting a lot out of my first day. But after much thinking I keep going back to what my professors would say: you have to pay your dues. And that includes menial tasks. So today I contacted people about pricing and was told to look for sconces within a budget and with specific dimensions. I think once I get the hang of style a company offers, these searches could take less time than it took me.

Tomorrow I meet one of the two other interns I will be working with. There are three of us total. We are having a small orientation and I hope they let us work together so I have someone to feed off of. I hope I can move along and eventually be in charge of a project, or at least for a significant part of it.

A reminder to all: you will not always do the fun parts. The designers have worked very hard to try and actually do the fun things, and sometimes they don’t get a lot of that. You have to pay your dues.


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