Recycled Design

GardenDuring my undergraduate career at Indiana University I was fortunate to take a couple of elective classes that studied Greek art (from Dipylon vases to Classical art). For one of my final projects we were actually allowed to come up with our own project, work on it, and present to the class. I chose to conduct precedent analyses of important Ancient Greek architecture.

A precedent analysis attempts to dive into the structure, organizing principle, circulation, massing, and overall concept of a building.

My analyses included various temples, and the Erechtheion along with its neighboring buildings. Now, we know that inspiration really comes from everywhere, and almost every design/idea/concept is recycled. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this picture of a Greek temple-inspired landscape in an issue of Architectural Digest.

It made my entire project seem very pertinent to both the design world as well as the archaeological field. My classmates and professor were pleased and definitely liked the outcome of my findings and how Greek design is still very prominent in design language and aesthetics.


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