Number Five

Illustration by CJ Hendry

Illustration by CJ Hendry


When naming her iconic

fragrance , Gabrielle Chanel said:

“Number five, my lucky number.

It will be Chanel No. 5.”


Unlike the single-flower fragrances

popular at the time, No. 5 defied

convention in 1921 with a bouquet

of more than 80 scents.


Each bottle of No. 5 Parfum is sealed

by hand, through the time-honored

art of baudruchage, ensuring the

purity of the fragrance within.


The chiseled stopper of No. 5 reflects

the geometry of Place Vendôme, which

Mademoiselle Chanel could view from

her room at the Ritz in Paris.


The interpretations of No. 5

are not dilutions. Each composition

emphasizes a different note to create

an individual concentration.

Taken from “Five Facets of No. 5”


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