Quarry Wedding

Quarry Wedding

I am very familiar with blogs. But this is a new platform. I’ve always had a blog with blogger, or blogspot. I’m not quite sure why I stopped using it but I know I stopped reading the blogs I followed because Google got rid of their “reader” application. It essentially put all the blogs I followed in one spot and I could read them all. Right now I simply keep up with about four blogs.

For my first post I thought it would be nice to shed some light on my header picture. It is a product of a three-day workshop during which we visited an old quarry that is now privately owned.

My concept proposes the reutilization of the space by converting it into a public event space.

And if I did this correctly, if you click the picture it should take you to my online portfolio with other quarry pictures.

If one can have a wedding at a farm, why not at a quarry.


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